Fresh-Baked Bread

At Fuji Bakery our philosophy is simple: to make breads and pastries that delight both the palate and the imagination. Fueled by the passion of our artisan bakers, this philosophy has led us to create an extraordinarily varied menu with selections ranging from Bretagne's Kouign Amann to Japanese curry buns. Because we want to provide fresh, healthy and great-tasting food, we use high–quality ingredients and spare no effort to import flour from Japan, buy organic and cultivate our own natural leavening. Whether it's our crisp, buttery croissant or our hearty vegetable focaccia, we invite you to come in and have a taste of our creations.


Brioche Sel — $1.25
Brioche dough topped with salted European fermented butter and vanilla sugar.

Brioche Chocolat — $1.25
Brioche dough topped with 60% dark chocolate chips.

Brioche Saumon — $1.50
Brioche dough filled with wild salmon, accented with black pepper and baked in the shape of a cube.

Brioche Japon — $2.00
Brioche dough filled with red bean paste and raspberry puree baked in the shape of a cube.

Griotte — $??
Tart-shaped brioche filled with organic custard cream and French griottines soaked in Kirschwasser cherry brandy and fresh lemon and orange compote.

Croissants & Danishes

Croissant — $2.25
Made with the Chef's original recipe using fragrant European-style cultured butter, our croissants' buttery flavor and light, flaky texture make them the pride of our store.

Croissant Chocolat — $2.50
Buttery croissant dough lavishly filled with 44% bittersweet chocolate.

Croissant Café Mocha — $2.50
Croissant dough mixed with Italian espresso and filled with 44% bittersweet chocolate. Enjoy the fragrant harmony of coffee and chocolate!

Croissant Caramel Banana (Fridays & Saturdays only) — $3.50
Classic croissant filled with caramel and fresh bananas and topped with almond cream, almond slices and sea salt.

Croissant Café Apple (Fridays & Saturdays only) — $3.50
Croissant Café Mocha filled with apples sautéed in caramel and topped with espresso cream and almond slices.

Kouign Amann — $2.50
A traditional pastry from Bretagne, apples sautéed in caramel and cardamom are baked inside croissant dough which is further coated in caramel to produce this fragrant treat.

Fraise, Poire, Kouign Amann, Croissant
Forest — $2.50
Danish layered with green tea-flavored almond cream and cherry compote made with French griottines, orange and lemon zest and Kirschwasser cherry brandy.

Raisin Danish — $2.50
Danish with homemade almond cream and two types of rum-soaked California raisins.

Poire — $2.50
Danish dough topped with homemade organic custard cream and pears cooked in Tahitian vanilla.

Apricot — ???
Apricot danish with organic almond custard cream and dried apricot cooked in fresh oranges and Grand Marnier.

Valencia (spring & summer only) — ???
Almond croissant filled with mango cream and apricot saute and topped with orange cream.

Oriental Stick Danish (Bellevue only) — ???
Stick-shaped danish spiced with cardamom, anise, orange peel, and walnuts.

Japanese Breads

Matcha Azuki — ???
Sweet matcha dough filled with Tokara's organic red bean paste and topped with an accent of sesame seeds and course Italian salt.

Zaccu — ???
Fuji Bakery's melon pan! Brioche dough coated with a crisp almond cookie flavored with lemon and vanilla.

Organic Custard Cream — ???
Filled with our house organic vanilla bean custard cream.

Organic Chocolate Cream — ???
Sweet cacao-infused dough filled with our house organic chocolate custard cream.

Viennois — ???
Milk dough filled with our homemade vanilla milk cream.

Viennois Chocolat — ???
Made with whole milk, this soft dough is filled with 64% cacao dark chocolate chips.

Mild Curry Bun — $2.99
Bread filled with in-house beef curry, covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Spicy Curry Bun — $2.99
A spicier version of our popular curry bun.

French Breads

Baguette T — ???
A chef's special item, this baguette's chewy texture results from it being made over a longer period of time than a regular baguette.

Sage and Cheese — ???
Red cheddar and parmesan-filled baguette T dough finished with plenty of sage butter.

Fromage — $2.99
Baguette dough stuffed to overflowing with parmesan and cheddar cheese.

Mustard Bacon Epi — $2.50
Bacon, mustard and pepper baguette cut to resemble a stalk of wheat.


Assorted Quiche
Quiche Salmon — $3.50
A mildly flavored quiche with wild salmon, cream cheese, kabocha squash and dill.

Quiche Lorraine — $3.50
A popular quiche with Canadian bacon, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and nutmeg.

Quiche Crevette (winter only) — $3.50
A winter quiche made with shrimp, mushrooms, walnuts and Herbes de Provence.

By the Loaf

White Bread — $3.99 / half-loaf
Our white bread is fermented for a prolonged time and baked with special methods to produce an especially soft, fluffy white bread with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Raisin Bread — $3.99 / half-loaf
Made with white bread dough and Sultana raisins.

Cake Citron
Whole Wheat Bread — $2.99 / loaf
A mineral-rich bread made with whole wheat flour.

Brioche Nanterre — $4.99
Rich, moist bread made with eggs, milk and butter.

Danish Bread — $6.99
Parmesan cheese, black pepper and rosemary are mixed into danish dough to create this buttery herb delight.

Panettone — $6.00
Two types of raisins, orange peel, lemon peel, and fresh orange zest mixed into brioche dough to create Fuji Bakery's version of this fruity Italian holiday treat.

Cake Citron — $6.00 small $9.00 large
One of our store's special items, a very moist lemon pound cake made with fresh lemon zest and bergamot essence.